Upstart Co-Lab

New creative solutions, more collaborative methods, different ways to prototype and test, better ways to share stories of change, alternative imaginings of what the future can be.

Upstart Co-Lab is composed of financial partners sharing their resources; strategic partners bringing their time, talent, and proprietary platforms; a small professional team; a working group of social innovators; an advisory board — and artists.

Increasing opportunities for artists as innovators, unleashing more capital for creativity, and enabling sustainable creative lives and an inclusive creative economy.

Upstart Co-Lab is a national collaboration connecting artists with social entrepreneurs, impact investors, social enterprises, and sustainable companies.

Artists are making social impact in diverse fields—youth development, environmental conservation, healthy eating, social cohesion, community outreach, a better criminal justice system, more sustainable food, equity and access, and a better end of life. See these profiles of Artist-Innovators to learn more.