Humanitarian Leadership Academy

Enabling people around the world to prepare for and respond to crises in their own countries.

As the frequency and complexity of humanitarian crises continue to rise, there is increasing demand for a highly skilled workforce capable of preparing for and responding more effectively and efficiently to disasters.

Kaya is our learning platform that is globally accessible, allowing for the exchange of humanitarian information and resources for organisations involved in humanitarian preparedness and response, or located in crisis-affected countries, investing in the learning and development of staff and volunteers.

Kaya aims to support the needs of individuals, organisations and communities by facilitating access to learning resources, platforms and tools. This will enable locally relevant capacity-sharing and mutual learning.

We works with partners across the humanitarian sector and beyond; from technology companies to universities; local communities to multinational corporations, drawing on the knowledge, expertise and resources of a range of organisations to ensure the best solutions are found for those most in need.