Krowdster understands that your campaigns take many different forms, each one is:

  • structured to create urgency for your existing donors;
  • provide you with the opportunity to attract new donors and; assist you in reaching and surpassing your fundraising goals.

— all while amplifying your impact through bonus prizes, matching funds, and/or special promotion opportunities.

Krowdster can help you develop and successfully launch your crowdfunding campaigns.

Krowdster’s consulting package is designed for project creators who are considering launching a crowdfunding campaign and who want to avoid common mistakes and gain insight into the most effective and successful strategies from the pros.

Backer Directory

Krowdster can help you find and connect with proven backers of campaigns like yours in the world’s largest database of over 3.5 million backers and super-backers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Facebook Audiences

The Krowdster Platform will support your reach to the most targeted and active crowdfunding backers on Facebook by using their custom audience lists and massively improve the ROI from your Facebook ad campaign.