How It Works

 Advocate & raise money for causes and projects close to your heart.


Payment processing fees charged by PayPal or WePal (2.9% + $0.30) as the only deduction from the money you raise.

Although you can post unlimited projects across multiple domains, it still starts with explaining: who you want to help and why? Simply start by telling the story with sincerity.

There are no funding limit requirements. Build momentum for your cause by using our handy sharing tools. Reach out to your entire extended community for maximum effect!

You'll receive whatever amount your project raises. Whether you’re advocating for a friend in need or a community, our no-fee policy means more money for all of your causes!

State-of-the-art mobile administrative tools. Update your supporters about your progress and thank them for their generosity. Supports want to know they’re appreciated.

What's Next?
Easy and Secure Payments

Easy and secure payments by PayPal, credit card, bank card or WePay. Your donors’ privacy is respected, your funds are safe, and money received is immediately deposited into your account.

Success Tools

Full campaign functionality on your website or blog & full campaign functionality on your Facebook page will increase your campaign’s visibility and help supporters find a way to donate to your cause.

Global Reach

SeeMeFundRazr platform can be used in any country with the ability to send and receive payments through PayPal, and in 25 currencies worldwide. U.S. and Canadian users can also accept funds via WePay.

Flexible Funding

Raise money the way that suits you. Choose Keep it all to access funds immediately. Or choose All or nothing to charge supporters after you reach your goal. Either way, you never pay extra fees or penalties.

  • It only takes minutes to launch your remarkable projects.
    • Easy fundraising for all levels
    • Central administrator features
    • Manage, edit, and communicate across multiple domains