Global Philanthropy Group

Global Philanthropy Group develops and implements strategies for clients who want to make the world a better place. Hear CEO Maggie Neilson discuss emerging trends in the philanthropic landscape and why social engagement is no longer an afterthought for businesses.

The SeeMeFunded Portal is a collaboration of communities and platforms, it’s designed to service the needs of positive projects and causes that help ensure brilliant people and exceptional organizations are empowered to inspire a generation of social contributors.

Global Philanthropy Group works with individuals, foundations and corporations to design and implement strategies informed by our rigorous approach and breadth of experience. We maintain an experienced, flexible team with the skills to offer personalized service and meaningful outcomes. We only focus on one thing: providing leading-edge philanthropic services.

We believe that everyone can do something and that every sector – including business, government and non-profit – has a role to play. How do you use your resources, time, energy, money and network to create the world in which you want to live? Our team has a proven track record working with many of the world’s leading philanthropists and philanthropic initiatives