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Support Services


Be Remarkable Digital Media Services Group can help you develop and launch every part of your campaigns to there success.

Your supporters expect beautiful, modern branded presentations from you. With SeeMeFunded, the bells and whistles come standard.

Our group includes awesome individuals who are passionate about the social & education sectors and have the talent to carry out your vision and propel your strategic goals. Our most popular campaign consulting package is designed for project creators who are considering launching a crowdfunding campaign and who want to avoid common mistakes and gain insight into the most effective and successful strategies from the pros.


Our packages includes a pre-campaign strategy, reviewing and providing feedback on your campaign elements (project description and funding goal, reward offerings, video pitch, promotional plan and more), as well as having us “on call” during campaign preparation and promotion.

We understand campaigns take many different forms, each one is structured to create urgency for your existing donors, provide you with the opportunity to attract new donors, and assist you in reaching and surpassing your fundraising goals — all while amplifying your impact through bonus prizes, matching funds, and/or special promotion opportunities.


There is nothing more valuable than getting practical, customized advice on your individual campaign. Let us guide your campaign to the success you deserve.

We run marketing campaigns and contests throughout the year to incentive and reward good fundraising and community mobilization practices.

Contests help to challenge your organization in new ways and allow us to showcase your incredible projects. Our contests and campaigns foster a spirit of healthy competition among our partners and enable every organization to breakthrough previously unthinkable fundraising achievements.

Make sure to subscribe for announcements about upcoming specific terms and conditions for each campaign.

Be Remarkable Innovation Technology Service Group can provide the technology tools and resources you need to advance your mission more effectively and sustainable.

Our community impact model helps nonprofits create lasting, positive change that makes a difference in lives and communities.  Our technology service providers are experts, they continuously monitor the latest innovations, insights, and best practices in technology and how to best connect them with the needs of our nonprofit members.

For nonprofit crowdfunding participants and community members who can’t afford new technology services, we have the ability to bridge that gap. Yes, we’ll fund a specific project on a nonprofit’s technology roadmap to help move the organization toward their goals.

Be Sure.

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