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Amazon Business LaunchPad  provides resources, expertise, and global infrastructure to entrepreneurs and startup companies to sell and deliver innovative products to millions of Amazon customers. 

We envision a world where the best ideas have a chance to be heard!

The recipe for success starts with authentic cause partnerships based on meaningful social impact and business goals. 

We’re proud to work with a growing list of  emerging brands and innovative products to help you identify new, inspired, and cutting-edge products for the world to discover.


 AI for social good projects at Google

At Google, we believe that artificial intelligence can provide new ways of approaching problems and meaningfully improve people’s lives.

Using tools like TensorFlow, people and organizations outside of Google are using AI for everything from fighting fires in California to detecting diseased crops in Tanzania.

Artificial intelligence is addressing society’s biggest unsolved challenges.


AI is helping people everywhere solve problems in exciting new ways. We’ve developed a guide with educational content to support social impact organizations interested in using AI. Whether you’re a novice or interested in upleveling your ML skill set, get started by exploring our guide.

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