About Us

Our mission is to help you accomplish yours.

Brilliant and exceptional social innovators not only dream of a better world,

they take action to make those dreams a reality.



We understand the difficulties of raising money and passionate about providing an alternative funding sources for educators, nonprofits, charities and personal causes.

We’re committed to a renewed focus on philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and the empowerment of non-government organizations.

We’re campaigning for humanitarian and environmental projects and advocating  funding for brilliant educational projects and exceptional social causes.

“Our goal is to place the education of gifted and talented children back on the social agenda.”

Rosaline Johnson
Co-Founder Be Sensitive Foundation

  a tax exempt 501(c)(3) private nonprofit organization.

Education is often viewed as the key to both individual opportunity and achievement, and as an engine of national and international economic prosperity.

Our purpose is an important next step in creating a community that makes education even better.


All children are entitled to an education that helps them reach their full potential. Yet, we have not always provided adequate learning opportunities for our most able and high-performing children and young people. The Be Sensitive Foundation is committed to a renewed focus on gifted and talented education and a greater support for families, teachers, and educational leaders.

 As advocates, we advance adaption and development of the impact investment approach and facilitate an increase in its methodologies.


We’re part of a global effort by a new generation of impact investors, to direct capital and innovation to tackle social and environmental issues and help increase the scale and effectiveness of impact investing.


Our goal is to continue to accelerate at an unprecedented rate and change the role of philanthropy around the world.


We believe the SeeMeFundRazr Platform, as collective impact crowdfunding portals, will allow philanthropists and socially responsible organizations to embrace new and significantly expanding opportunities.

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