Our mission is to help you accomplish yours.

Brilliant and exceptional social innovators not only dream of a better world,

they take action to make those dreams a reality.

 A 501(c)(3) private nonprofit organization.

Our mission is an important next step in creating a community that makes education even better.

The Be Sensitive Foundation is committed to a renewed focus on gifted and talented education and a greater support for families, teachers, and educational leaders.

Our goal is to build awareness and drive funding to help achieve the vision where giftedness and high potential are fully recognized, universally valued, and actively nurtured to support children from all backgrounds in reaching for their personal best and contributing to their communities.

The funding squeeze is a serious problem for the causes you  already support and care about.

We also understand the difficulties of raising money and passionate about providing alternative funding sources for educators, nonprofits, charitable causes and social innovation.

If we don’t resolve this issue they will struggle with the following:

Lost Funding

  • Diminishing returns from traditional fundraising
  • Grant reductions by governments & foundations
  • Increased competition for online donors
  • Majority of revenue lost to large charities

Challenging Operating Environment

  • Competition for corporate sponsors threatens old relationships
  • Changing demographics & donor expectations
  • Limited skills in social media marketing & technology
  • Restricted funding for overhead limits team expansion


We’re a multi-stakeholder community, sharing a commitment to help shape the new global future.

Our goal is to continue to accelerate the role of philanthropy around the world.

We’re part of a global effort by a new generation of impact investors, to direct capital and innovation to tackle social and environmental issues and help increase the scale and effectiveness of impact investing.

We’re campaigning for humanitarian and environmental projects and advocating impactful funding for brilliant educational projects and exceptional social causes.  We’re committed to a renewed focus on philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and the empowerment of non-government organizations.

Everybody Wins!

1. Crowdfunding surpassed venture capital in 2016;
2. Capital raised by crowd funding increased by 300% in the past 3 years: and
3. Crowdfunding revenues are projected to reach $1 trillion (USD) by 2025.

SeeMeFunded is a collection of crowdfunding, marketing and media platforms, empowers visionary innovators, philanthropists and socially responsible organizations to embrace new and significantly expanding opportunities.

• Attracts new donors
• Raises more money per campaign
• More campaigns with less work
• Increases donor lifetime value
• Engages supporters in fundraising
• Retains / enhances sponsorship

 Impact investing represents a growing global movement, and, perhaps, the most viable financing strategy for creating a desirable future.  You’re invitedCan you start now?