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Our crowdfunding platform partner, FundRazr, has helped raise over $115 million, so far, for over 140,000 campaigns, in dozens of countries around the world.


We believe in the power of the internet community, moving at the speed of culture with new ways to empower the moment. 


Together, we service the needs of social impactful projects and causes and  ensure brilliant people, exceptional for-profit and nonprofit organizations are empowered to inspire a new generation of social contributors to the benefit of our global community.

We’re calling for all social entrepreneurs, impact investors & philanthropists to work together.

Together we are mighty!

Collectively, we  can shape a more strategic and collaborative future,
with philanthropists leading the way towards solving
many of the greatest challenges of our time.

Be Sensitive~Be Remarkable Movement

A great awakening is happening all around the world.
Intelligence & Imagination 


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A portal for gifted & talented children education projects.

A portal for humanitarian projects and charities.

A portal for entrepreneurs and corporate donor platform .

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Great functionality for personal emergencies and campaigns that support acts of kindness, nonprofits, sport teams & school groups – you can raise money for free!
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Pro Plan – 5% platform fee

All in the benefits of  our Free Plan + Power tools for professional fundraising organizations, advocates, corporate donor programs, nonprofits and charities.
*Standard payment processing fees apply based on selected method.

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Educational & School Projects

This is the easiest and most effective crowdfunding platform for fundraising educational and school driven projects.

Humanitarian Causes & Projects

A platform to enable nonprofits projects and charities, of any size, to easily run fundraising campaigns.

Corporate Giving Platform

A platform for entrepreneurs and corporations run successful crowdfunding and corporate giving programs.


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