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We will stand with you!, is a crowdfunding platform purposed with FundRazr, having raised over $114 million (USD), so far, and launched over 45,000 projects and campaigns in dozens of countries around the world.


We’re moving at the speed of culture with new ways to empower the moment.


Together, we aim to help ensure brilliant people, exceptional organizations and nonprofits are empowered to inspire a new generation of social contributors to the benefit of our global community.



Together we are mighty!

A great awakening is happen all around the world.

Be Sensitive~Be Remarkable

Intelligence & Imagination 

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Create your campaign in minutes.

Genius is Everywhere

A crowdfunding portal for educators, parents and mentors. Start a campaign and tell your story in minutes for free.

Advanced Sharing Tools

We help you engage with your community via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, customized emails and even text messages.

The Silence Breakers

A crowdfunding portal for humanitarian and environmental causes. Reach more people, share campaigns across social networks.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Turn your supporters into advocates who will help you raise money from their social networks right away.

Social Entrepreneurs

A crowdfunding portal for social entrepreneurs and Innovators. Your funds are always secured and available right away.

Amazing Value & Benefits

We help reduce your fundraising costs, all for a small fee, a portion helps to support the mission of the Be Sensitive Foundation.

Free personal emergency fundraising and no fee campaigns for individual acts of kindness.

Education & Mentoring Projects

Discover learning hero campaigns from all over the world. Easily manage multiple crowdfunding campaigns.

Humanitarian & Environmental Causes

Yes, free live chat, a supportive help center and how-to guides with proven crowdfunding tips and success strategies.

Social Innovation & Reinvention Projects

Run multiple campaigns. There is no limit to how much you can raise or how long you can run each campaign.


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Extraordinary People
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Difference in the World.

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BeRemarkable Projects
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BeRemarkable Projects
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BeRemarkable Projects
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