Kiva Crowdfunded Loans

You are key to helping us inspire others to join in an important global mission to connect people through crowdfunded lending and help alleviate poverty.

Be Sensitive Foundation is a Kiva Trustee.

Are you a US based small business in need of a loan.

 Now you can fund your dream and change your life.

0% interest loans for U.S. entrepreneurs

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Kiva is different from traditional charities because you get to choose who to support, and your contribution is a loan, not a donation. 100% of your loans go to support borrowers.

Kiva, a U.S. nonprofit entity, offers debt crowdfunding, otherwise known as crowdfunded loans that carry 0% interest.

By lending as little as $25, anyone can help a borrower start or grow a business, go to school, access clean energy or make their dreams a reality.

Dreams are universal, opportunity is not.

Lend as little as $25 to create opportunity for people around the world.

Kiva is different because contributions are loans, not donations. 100% of your loans go to support borrowers you choose to support.  See the Kiva presentation

96.8% repayment rate

It’s a loan not a donation; so when you’re repaid you can use the money again.

100% goes to the field

We don’t take a cut of loans, but cover our costs through optional donations.