How It Works |
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How It Works

Teachers, Students and Nonprofits raising money for their educational projects.
  • Create a Project
  • Support Your Project
  • Get Funded
A very easy to use crowdfunding system helps you raise money for all of your brilliant projects!

Once a project has been approved, you can start sharing the project and begin raising funds.

You can post and edit unlimited projects

There are no funding limit requirements

Registered organizations/schools receive whatever amount a project raises

The system automatically registers the project backers and their future participation

Project funds are dispersed securely directly into the school/organization project account

As a registered institution, we provide you with all the tools you need to succeed:

built-in capabilities to highlight your backers profiles and contributions

state-of-the-art automated promotion tools

easy to use social networking integration and sharing

state-of-the-art mobile administration tools

It only takes a few minutes to launch your remarkable projects. 

Features & Pricing

No Registration Fee

Free of Annual Fee

No Member Limits

Service fee only 4.0% per transaction (help support the Be Sensitive Foundation)

Credit card fee only 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

Accept donations and get paid by direct deposit to your listed bank account

  • Branded page for your organization, project or events.
    • Easy fundraising for all levels
    • Central administrator features
    • Manage, edit, and communicate across multiple fundraisers