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FundRazr Announces 0% Platform Fee for Personal Campaigns!

Genevieve Michaels

Hello to all our incredible fundraisers! Thank you so much for choosing FundRazr to help you in your journey to support the causes close to your heart. Since 2010, it’s been our mission to create a powerful fundraising platform that is easy to use, inexpensive, and leverages the power of the internet community. We understand the difficulties of raising money, …Read More

How a Community Garden Used FundRazr for Crowdfunding Success!

Genevieve Michaels

When Greenest City, a Toronto environmental nonprofit, decided they wanted to reclaim a vacant lot and turn it into Milky Way Garden, a space for community agriculture, they knew the most effective online fundraising campaign possible would be crucial to their success. Read More

Crowdfunding 101: How to Set a Basic Online Fundraising Project Up for Success

Genevieve Michaels

If you’re reading this, you’re probably no stranger to the world of online fundraising. Crowdfunding is a powerful way to connect your cause with the people who care about it, and our mission is to help you do so on your own terms. Read More

Genevieve Michaels

One of the best ways to tackle a big job is to break it down into less intimidating chunks. It’s an approach that works just as well in fundraising as many other areas of life – running multiple campaigns, each with a smaller goal, may be more effective than one campaign with a much higher target. However, while smaller amounts …Read More

Step Up Your Fundraising – Build Volunteer Campaigns Into Your 

Genevieve Michaels

As a nonprofit organizer, have you ever had a supporter or volunteer come to you with an idea for how they can pitch in and help with your fundraising efforts? Perhaps they want to set out on a sponsored run, or shave their head to raise funds for your organization! Of course it’s great to hear that your cause inspires …Read More

giving tuesday nonprofit non-profit online fundraising

Giving Tuesday 2017 – Looking Back at the Best Online Fundraising Campaigns of the Year!

Genevieve Michaels

This year, after the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, join us as we take part in Giving Tuesday. Bringing people together and helping the community, the way that retailers work together to help the economy, Giving Tuesday is recognized in Canada, the United States, and 98 other countries as a chance to give back to those who need …Read More

How Internal Fundraising Can Ensure Greater Campaign Success

Trish Sissons

Once you’ve completed your fundraising campaign set up, it can be tempting to shout it out from the rooftops immediately. Before you jump up and shout it out, you should take a breath and consider a soft launch to build up some internal momentum before you go to the masses. While it’s easy to lean on your nonprofit’s external advocates Read More

Setting SMART Goals for Your Fun Run/Walk Fundraising Event

Tris Sissons

Like any fundraising event, charity runs and walks need to have clear goals to be successful. Planning can be stressful, and we know it’s easy to get all caught up in the logistics of coordinating the actual event, but it’s imperative that you start out with well-defined goals and a strategy to achieve them. Thanks to their inherent operating costs. Read More

Leveraging the Relationship Between Fundraising Dollars and Impact

Trish Sissons

More and more, nonprofits are facing a growing communications challenge with ever more skeptical audiences. Research shows that donors, and millennials especially, are likely to stop donating to a cause if they do not clearly understand the direct impact of their money. What is ‘Impact’? Results can be categorized a few different ways – you can have outputs, outcomes, and …Read More



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