• Artistic and intellectual genius, among our youth, deserves the same level of support as other forms of education.

    We're helping to ensure the next generation of brilliant innovators and exceptional artist and athletes have the resources they need to become active social contributions of their talent for the good of their communities.


    SeeMeFunded is a crowd-funding system for educators of school aged children (3rd -12th grades) seeking funding for their projects. We help ensure exceptional young innovators, artist and others have the resources they need to become active socially minded contributors of their talent for the good of the global community.

    Crowdfunding for teachers and education project managers!

    • Get Connected

      The power of social sharing and custom tracking to give your campaigns maximum impact.
    • Get Funded

      With our easy-to-use fundraiser tools, you can even transfer your Kickstarter and your combined totals will be updated hourly.
    • Get Supported

      With dynamic stretch goals, you can expand your funding goals and you'll receive any amount of money raised, even if you don't reach your goals.


    • Flexible Design

      The SeeMeFunded enables teachers to easily create and edit unlimited projects via the school's custom dashboard menu.
    • Multichannel Support

      Your school's profiles will highlight your student projects while giving supporters a chance to show off their project contributions.
    • Secure Payments

      It's easy, the system will automatically register your project backers and their future participation is tied to their account.

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