Are you an extraordinary person or organization making a positive difference in the world?

We are the Be Remarkable Group, Inc and the Be Sensitive Foundation. We’ll stand with you! is a collective crowdfunding platform that’s partnered with FundRazr, Kivo Ambassador and an Indiegogo affiliate. 


We believe in the power of the internet community, moving at the speed of culture with new ways to empower the moment.


Together, we service the needs of social impactful projects and causes and  ensure brilliant people, exceptional organizations are empowered to inspire a new generation of social contributors to the benefit of the global community.

We’re inviting brands, social entrepreneurs, impact investors, global aid organizations, & philanthropists to all work together.

Together we are mighty!

Collectively, we  can shape a more strategic and collaborative future,
with you leading the way towards solving many of the greatest challenges of our time.

Be Sensitive~Be Remarkable Movement

A great awakening is happening all around the world.
Intelligence & Imagination 

Here are a few of our remarkable merchant affiliates.

A New Generation Crowdfunding Platform

powered by: the collective

The World Bank Report estimates that global investment through crowdfunding will reach $93 billion.

Discover how crowdfunding can benefit your projects and business !

Start Your FundRazr

This is the easiest and most effective donation crowdfunding platform for fundraising nonprofit, corporate giving programs and projects.

Start Your Kiva

Kiva is different because your contribution is a loan, not a donation. 100% of your loans go to support borrowers and you get to choose who to support,

Start Your Indiegogo

Indiegogo platform is for entrepreneurs and innovative startups to run reward and equity based crowdfunding campaigns — you campaign for any non-charitable purpose.

 Advocate & raise money for causes close to your heart and support projects you care about.

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Start Your FundRazr Campaign

We're a FundRazr Partner . The FundRazr crowdfunding platform is a trusted donation and corporate giving leader that has helped raise over $115 million, so far, for over 140,000 campaigns, in dozens of countries around the world.

Start Your Kiva Campaign

We're Kiva Ambassadors, they envision a world where all people hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others. Kiva’s offers debt crowdfunded loans,not donations; so when you’re repaid you can use the money again..

Start Your Indiegogo Campaign

We're an Indiegogo affiliate, their rewards crowdfunding platform is more flexible and less exclusive than others. They also host equity crowdfunding campaigns so that you can discover innovations before they go mainstream.


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The Shared Mission Network:
a group of diverse leaders collaborating around impact.

Extraordinary People
Are Making a Positive
Difference in the World.

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