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Our crowdfunding platform partner, FundRazr, has helped raised over $115 million, so far, for over 140,000 campaigns, in dozens of countries around the world.


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Educational & Mentoring Projects

We're absolutely the easiest, fastest and most effective online crowdfunding platform for fundraising nonprofit educational and teacher driven school projects.

Start you own campaign and tell your story for free.

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Humanitarian & Environmental Causes

We eliminate the barriers of raising money online and enable nonprofits projects and charities, of any size, to easily run fundraising campaigns for its cause.

Reach more people, share campaigns across social networks.

Impact Investors & Social Entrepreneurs

Social Innovation & Reinvention Projects

We provide innovative crowdfunding for social entrepreneurs and global development projects, so that you can get the most effective impactful results.

Your funds are always secured and available right away.


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